Company Identity ™ is powered by eFax ®, which released its Internet fax service with the objective of using the benefit of e-mail and the speed of the Internet to make it much easier for people to send out and get faxes. eFax ® has grown to become among the world's biggest suppliers of Internet messaging services, providing fax by e-mail to more than 11 million customers. Our appeal and success are constructed around 3 essential functions: the largest choice of telephone number; a simple way to send out and get faxes and voicemail by e-mail; and a quick, dependable and safe interactions network.

Members delight in faxing and voicemail on our international network of innovative servers. ™ is powered by Fax ® services which are secured by enterprise-grade network and information security innovations that include redundancy throughout. Paid members can quickly get in touch with client assistance by e-mail or by phone, with 95% of calls dealt with in less than 2 minutes Avoid This and Maximize That: Productivity Tips for Business People.

Continuously enhancing and innovating, ™ powered by eFax ® will continue to bring members brand-new fax and voice interactions that will keep them linked anywhere, whenever.

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